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Version 6.3 Change Highlights

Version 6.3 brings improvements to the UI for Win32 and new feature-set for the Windows 10 modern app. Sub-accounts, now available in the Professional Edition, have been moved into Production. Sub-accounts are accounts that you can sell or give away to your customers so they can control their own PCs unattended.

Version 6.3 also introduces several improvements and updates to Auto PC Repair. Auto PC Repair Configurations and settings are now stored and saved in the Instant Housecall cloud, ensuring your configs remain consistent no matter which computer you work from. Several improvements have also been made to improve the reliability of launch.

You can now print remotely from your customer's computer to your own. In the File menu (Win32) or App Bar (modern app), choose "Enable remote printing", then print a document from your customer's computer. A remote printer will be installed as default when you are connected, and removed when you are disconnected.

Version 6.3 is both forward and backward compatible.  You can use Specialist 6.3 (modern and desktop) with older versions of the Customer software, and older versions of the Customer software with Specialist 6.3.

This is an interim release. It lays several foundations for larger changes. Version 6.4 will build on those changes and finalize the new framework allowing us to release new functionality more quickly. 

While updating to 6.3 is not required, it is strongly recommended for both Customer and Specialist software to ensure a smoother upgrade process in future revisions.

How to upgrade Customer software:

  • Option 1:  Remote upgrade.  When you connect via an on-demand (attended) session, you will be prompted to upgrade your customer's software.  
  • Option 2:  Over-install.  Direct your customer to your website or support portal.  When they download the newest version, the old version will be automatically uninstalled and replaced with 6.3.

How to upgrade Specialist software:

Download the Specialist Sign-in from

(Windows Modern app)
Modern app will automatically update or you can download it from the Windows Store at

Is there a cost for this upgrade?

  • This upgrade is free for all subscribers on monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans.  
  • Lifetime licencees are eligible to receive this upgrade free if either of the following applies:  (a) currently on maintenance and support plan (b) you purchased within 1 year of the version 6.3 release date.  Additional support and upgrades for lifetime licencees can be purchased for 20% of your licence cost per year after the first year.  E-mail

There are four components to this upgrade plus back-end server improvements.  

  • Desktop Specialist (Win32)
  • Customer (Win32)
  • Modern Specialist (Windows 8.1 and higher)
  • OS X Customer (please see known issues below)
(Win10) Modern
  • Voice recognition lets you enter notes and chat via voice. Click the mic icon to use voice recognition
  • Lock/Shutdown remote PC options available from end of session dialog
  • Paste clipboard to Login as Remote Keystrokes. Previously, it was not possible to paste to elevated Windows like UAC prompts and Windows Logon. The top appbar now includes this feature to let you paste a password from a password manager, for example, directly into the remote logon window
  • Remote printing (Express & Pro)
  • Bug fix: Fixed DPI scaling issue that caused a portion of the screen to be cut off in very limited circumstances. This is caused by a bug in Windows 10 and Microsoft is aware of the issue.
  • Several UI improvements, and updates of language for Windows 10
  • Improvements to launchability of Repair Automation, especially in cases of firewall blocking
  • Repair Automation configs are now stored on the Instant Housecall cloud
  • Bug fix: partial screen rendering on some Windows 10 devices
(Win32) Desktop - customer and specialist
  • UI updates
  • Remote printing (Express & Pro)
  • Paste clipboard to Login remote keystrokes. Previously, it was not possible to paste to elevated Windows like UAC prompts and Windows Logon. The top appbar now includes this feature to let you paste password
  • Bug fix: occasional file transfer issues that prevented files from being transferred or appeared not to be transferred
  • Bug fix: dump files pile up in %PROGRAMDATA% in exceptional circumstances
  • Bug fix: WAN delays in connection upon reboot on certain Wireless drivers
  • Bug fix: Dual monitors in non-sequential order causes freezing
  • Bug fix: Proxy settings request when Customer PC isn't connected to the internet
  • Improvements to launchability of Auto PC Repair, especially in cases of firewall blocking
  • Auto PC Repair configs are now stored on the Instant Housecall cloud
  • Unattended access window is now resizable
  • Customer systray icon now uses custom branding
  • Express Edition customers now have access to deep branding. Visit the administrator control panel to configure (
  • Professional Edition customer now get 400 unattended access endpoints (previously 200)
(OS X) Macintosh
  • New Beta of the Mac Specialist Sign in can be found here:
Known issues
  • remote upgrade of Customer software does not always automatically reconnect to Specialist.  If Customer is in unattended mode, polling will resume and you can access the Customer PC via unattended access.  If Customer is on-demand only, your customer may need to click "Start Session" after upgrade on some PCs.


  • Official support for Windows XP will be retired after this version.
  • Express Edition customers now get deep branding at no additional cost. Visit the administrator control panel to brand your lower-third, icon, and splash screen
  • Customers on quarterly plans may be moved to monthly plans. Standard rates will remain unchanged, only your billing interval will differ.

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