Connect to customer, see only blank screen or sliver

When you connect to your customer, you only see a blank screen or a "sliver" at the top of your screen

Affects version

Potenial Causes
1) Conflict with DisplayLink drivers with pluggable docking station on Customer system (see workaround below)

2) Bug (see workaround below). We currently have a bug bounty of $400 available for this issue. To claim the bounty, submit customer-side logs that replicate the issue. To collect logs:

  • On the Customer side, in C:\Program Files (x86)\Instant Housecall, double click enablelogging.reg to install the registry key
  • Restart Instant Housecall
  • Replicate the issue
  • Logs will be available in %PROGRAMDATA%
If your logs point to the issue, you will receive a $400 bug bounty.


  • Remove DisplayLink drivers
  • Send Ctrl-Alt-Del to remote, then Escape out of it

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