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What are sub-accounts?
Sub-accounts are free accounts you can sell or give to people to access their own unattended PC. 

Sub-accounts work like regular Specialist accounts, with some important exceptions:
  • There is no charge for sub-accounts
  • Sub-accounts do not appear in your Specialist drop down list
  • Sub-accounts can only use unattended remote access.  They cannot accept on-demand sessions
  • Sub-accounts are limited to 1 unattended PC at a time (Need more?  Contact support)

Getting Started

Step 1:  Create a sub-account

  • In the administrator control panel, scroll down to Manage Specialists
  • In the sub-accounts fields, fill in the name, e-mail address, and default password for your sub-account.  Sub-account users can change the password you assign.

Step 2:  Install the support app on the computer your sub-account user wants to control

  • Download and Run the Support App onto the PC you want to control via your support portal ( or download link
  • Click the 'Options' tab on the Start Session screen
  • Type the e-mail address for the sub-account, then Click Choose

The dialogue will indicate that you are connecting to a sub-account.  Click 'Allow unattended access'.

Step 3:  Direct sub-account user to download Specialist Sign-in

Sub-account users control the remote PC with the Specialist Sign-in, just like a regular Specialist does.  They can download unlimited copies using your licence at no cost, and install it on unlimited PCs.
  • Provide your sub-account user with the link to Specialist Sign in:
  • Once they run the Specialist Sign-in, they can login with the credentials you created in Step 1
  • Right-click the system tray icon, choose Unattended Access, then choose the PC to control

How much do sub-accounts cost?

  • Sub-accounts are free with your Instant Housecall subscription. 
  • You can charge your customers for sub-accounts if you wish to do so.
Do sub-accounts count toward my unattended access quota?
  • Yes.  Each unattended PC used by a sub-account counts toward your unattended access quota. 
  • Sub-accounts that are created, but do not have an unattended PC attached to them, do not count toward your quota.

Do sub-accounts count toward my concurrent sessions?

  • No.  Sub-account concurrent sessions are free.  They do not count toward your concurrent sessions

Does my brand appear on the support app?

  • Yes.  The support app will show your company logo, splash screen, lower-third, and icon (if configured).  The Specialist Sign-in is not branded.

Can a sub-account and a Specialist both have unattended access to the same PC?

  • Yes.  Both you and your sub-account users can have unattended remote access to a single PC. 
  • You do not need to install multiple copies of the support app.  You can add the each Specialist or sub-account via the Options tab in the usual way
  • An overview of all Specialists and sub-account users can be viewed via the support app:  Click "Change Unattended Access Settings" (hyperlink) in the General tab on the Start Session screen

Can a sub-account and a Specialist both remote into the same PC at the same time?

  • No. If a sub-account user is remoted into a PC, it will show up as "Offline" to the Specialist until the session ends.

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