Instant Housecall includes PC Repair Automation.  Repair automation lets you automate most common technical tasks, run your favorite tools, and provides you with a basic workflow.  You can also add and remove custom apps from the UI.

When a session ends, all of your tools and files are cleaned up automatically so your customer doesn’t have access to them.

You can also view diagnostic information about a Customer’s computer, generate reports, and save them for future reference.

Profiles can be saved, and apps customized, to save technician time and effort.  


To run PC repair automation:


Windows Store

  • From the drop down menus, choose Auto PC Repair

  • Choose whether you want to launch immediately, or create a restore point on your customer’s PC, and then launch

  • Open the command bar: right-click on the bezel (black frame)

  • Choose Auto PC Repair

Note:  creating a restore point on your Customer’s computer can take a long time.

The repair automation tools will automatically launch and configur.  Any saved profiles from previous sessions will propagate across sessions.

Once launched, you will be presented with an overview of your Customer’s PC health.  Items highlighted in Red and blue can be clicked to open related and more detailed information.


The left side of the screen shows you categories of repairs, including Audit/Diagnose, Malware Removal, Maintenance, and Windows Repair.

Each of these screens includes an area for “Custom Apps”.  You can change the apps that appear here by choosing the “Config” category, and adding your custom app.

Running repairs automatically

  • Launch Auto PC repair from the drop down menus (Desktop) or command bar (Windows Store App)

  • Choose a category at the left of the screen.  

  • In the main pane of the app, check off the apps that you would like to run.  

  • You can change their order by choosing “up” or “dn” from the bottom of each pane.

  • Click Start Auto Mode to run the items you have checked off.

  • Apps will be automatically run in order from left to right, top to bottom.

Saving Profiles

If you have an auto mode profile that you want to use again in a future session (for example, a remove virus profile with specific items checked and ordered), you can save that profile for future use.  

  • Choose a category (for example, Malware removal)

  • At the top-right of the main pane, locate the profile Combo Box.  Type a Profile Name

  • Click Save Profile

Profiles that you save will be saved on the Specialist PC and will be available to you in for future sessions.  

To retrieve a profile, choose it from the drop down list in the Profile combo box.

Context menu options

Whenever the Repair Automation tools are open on the Customer PC, several extensions are added to Windows Explorer (for example, “Upload to Virus Total”, “Google this”, and “Open command prompt here”).

These tools are useful if you are trying to diagnose a Customer’s PC.  To view context menu options, right click any file in Windows Explorer, then choose the Extensions from the Context Menu.

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