Direct download links

If you prefer that your customers download the support app from your website, e-mail signature or social media, you can add a direct download link anywhere you can use HTML.

To get your direct download link:


Windows Store

  • Right-click the system tray icon

  • Choose “Online Help”

  • Click Next, and “Copy HTML”

  • From the Hub screen, right click to show the App Bar, or click Start Session

  • Choose “via Direct Download” via the top command bar

HTML will be copied to your Windows clipboard.  It can be pasted directly into your website.

If you want to change the graphic or text, place it between between the <a> and </a> HTML tags.

By default, Instant Housecall will provide you with a direct download link for the standard support app.  Typically, you should use the standard support app.  The “Safe” app is available for a fall-back in case your Customer’s computer is infected or heavily locked down.

For more information about the differences between the Standard and Safe support apps, click here.

If you want to create a direct download link for the Safe Applet, append “&mode=safeexe” to the URL (without the quotes).

If you have more than one Specialist account and want to create download links for specific technicians, append “&

For example, a direct download link using the Safe Applet and John Doe looks like this:

<a href="">Sample only - do not copy and paste</a>

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