This section applies onto the the Windows Store app.

Additional settings can be found in the Settings Charm of the Windows Store app.

The Windows key, Tab key, and Ctrl-Alt-Del are reserved for operating system use only.

To help you manage Windows 8.1 and higher computers remotely with keyboard and mouse, the Instant Housecall app has shortcuts for useful keystrokes that you may want to send to the remote compute.

  • A virtual Windows key is embedded in the on-screen bezel.  Clicking this key will send a Windows keystroke to the remote PC

  • The diamond menu, also on the bezel, includes useful shortcuts to show Charms, App Bar (command bar) and other common Windows keystrokes

Other reserved keystrokes can be mapped.  To find key mappings, open the app’s Settings Charm (Win+C), then click Behaviors and UI.  Change the appropriate toggles for the keys you want to map.

  • Backtick (`) sends tab:  Sends a “Tab” keystroke to the remote PC when you press the Backtick (`) key

  • Ctrl-Shift(+Key) sends Win(+Key):  Allows you to send Win+Key combinations by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Key. For example, turning this on lets you press Ctrl+Shift+Z sends Win+Z to show the command bar on the remote PC

  • Ctrl-Shift-Del sends Ctrl-Alt-Del:  Translate Ctrl-Shift-Del to the equivalent of Ctrl-Alt-Del on your customer’s computer, letting you lock or unlock the remote PC

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