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The administrator control panel lets you configure branding and default settings for Instant Housecall.

The administrator control panel is available at  Features in the administrator control panel will vary depending on the Instant Housecall package you have.


Your greeting is a promotional message that you show to your customers.  The Greeting changes the text your Customer sees in two places:

  1. Your support portal, where your Customer downloads the support app

  2. The lower-third of the UI your Customer sees when he or she runs the support app

Greetings are typically used for promotional or informational messages you want your customer to see.


Instant Housecall is automatically branded with your company name in most places, including the download filename.  

You can add logos and icons to further customize the software that your customers use.

  • Support portal logo:  Changes the logo that appears at

  • Splash screen:  Changes the logo that appears on the splash screen your Customer sees when he or she runs Instant Housecall

  • Desktop icon: Changes the desktop icon on your Customer’s computer that they can use to launch Instant Housecall.  Both the graphic and the icon text are customizable

  • Lower third:  Changes the graphic on the lower-third of the Start Session screen your customer sees when he or she runs Instant Housecall

For best results, it is important that you upload graphics that conform to the size, dimensions, and transparency requirements set out in the administrator control panel.  All graphics will be scale, which can result in distorted graphics if improperly sized.

Online shopping cart

If you wish to accept payment during a session, enter your PayPal ID (e-mail) in the field provided.  

If you use a different shopping cart provider, contact support with the HTTP GET API from your shopping cart provider and we will integrate it for you at no charge.

Terms and Conditions

If you want your customers to agree to your Terms and Conditions before a sessions starts, enter them here.  

Manage Specialists, Prompting Customers for Contact info

Each Specialist has his or her own behavior profile.  Specialists can be configured to receive SMS notifications when a Customer starts a session or opens a time window.  

If your Instant Housecall plan includes SMS notifications, open a support ticket with the phone number and carrier (cell phone provider) you wish to receive SMS notifcations on.

Customer contact info stores your Customer’s Name, E-mail, Phone, and E-mail address in the system.  These values are used in session confirmations, and in the case of e-mail to send notifications to your customers.

They will also appear in the Specialist user interface so that you can easily identify each of your customers during a session and when a call comes in.

Your Customer’s contact info can be typed by you or you can prompt your Customer to type it themselves when they start a session.  

There are three modes for Customer Contact info.  You can choose which mode you want to use under Manage Specialists in the administrator control panel:

  • Always ask

    • Prompts customers to type it at the start of each session

  • New Customers only

    • Prompts customers at the start of the first session.  If customer contact info is already on file, this step is skipped

  • Never ask

    • Never asks customers for contact info

Specialists can view, add or edit the Customer contact info during a session.

To view and edit customer contact info during a session, from the Specialist Sign-in:


Windows Store app

  • Click File > Notes, Profile & History

  • Click the Customer tab

  • Click “Update” to save any changes

  • Open the command bar: right-click on the bezel (black frame)

  • Click Details

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