Accepting payment

Break/fix computer technicians often require payment from Customers during a session.  Instant Housecall can be integrated into any online shopping cart.  By default, we support PayPal. Integrations into other shopping carts are also available at no cost.

If your PayPal e-mail address/ID has been entered into the administrator control panel, choose Accept Payment from the drop down menus (Desktop) or command bar (Windows Store App).  

The Specialist will be put into “View only” mode during payment, and you are unable to control the remote computer.  

The Customer will be directed to your online shopping cart.  Once you see that payment is completed, you can ask your Customer to grant you remote control permission, either by right clicking his or her system tray icon or by using the Request Remote Control feature on the Specialist side.

For break/fix techs, we recommend connecting to your Customer at no charge, providing an estimate, accepting payment, starting work, and settling up any differences in cost with your customer at the end of the session.

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