Request unattended access (during a session)

If you wish to request unattended access during an on-demand session, you can ask your Customer for permission.  

Choose Request Unattended Access from the drop down menus (Desktop) or command bar (Windows Store app) and your Customer will be shown a dialog box asking for permission.

Remote control will be suspended while your Customer is asked for permission.  Only your Customer can provide you with unattended access permission, you cannot grant it to yourself remotely.

Note:  Alternatively use “hold all calls and sign out” if you want to temporarily place a call on hold and return to it later.  Right click the system tray icon (Desktop) or click the logout back arrow (Windows Store app) and choose Transfer call.  Your call will be placed on hold, and you can move to another computer.  When you sign-in from the new computer, your session will automatically resume within 30 seconds.

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