End Session Feature

Ending a session disconnects you from your Customer’s computer.  Unless unattended access is configured, you cannot access your customer’s computer again until they invite you.  With unattended access, you can re-access your customer’s PC again after the session is ended by choosing them from the unattended access list.

When you end a session, you will be offered the following options:

  • Remove Customer software:  Forces an uninstall on your Customer’s PC of the support app.  This will remove all Instant Housecall software, icons, and start menu items.  It does not remove session or customer history.

  • Show session confirmation in browser:  Opens your customer’s browser and shows them any notes you typed, session start and end times.  Can be branded with your logo

  • Send session confirmation via e-mail:  If your customer’s e-mail address is in their profile, automatically sends a session confirmation to that address

  • Open customer browser to URL:  Opens your customer’s browser to a URL that you specify.  Typically used for feedback surveys, or for marketing

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