Notes and Session History

There are two types of notes:  Public and private.

Public notes are related to the session you are conducting.  They are visible to you, your customer, and other Specialists who may connect to your Customer’s PC in the future.

You can add a “summary” or “tag” to each session.  This summary will be visible in the session history to show you work completed at-a-glance.

Private notes are only visible to Specialists.  Customers cannot see private notes, and they are visible in the Customer notes area across multiple sessions.

To view or add public notes:


Windows Store app

  • Click File > Notes, Profile, and history

  • Open the command bar by right-clicking on the bezel

  • Click details

Any notes that you type here will be visible to your customer, and automatically sent to them in session confirmations.

Once open, you can view private notes:


Windows Store app

  • Click the “Customer” tab

  • Click the orange “Notes” button

To view session history:


Windows Store app

  • Press the “History” button at the bottom of the window

  • Choose a history tile in the Details fly-out

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