Transfer Files

If you need to transfer files between systems, you can transfer files from Customer > Specialist or from Specialist > Customer

Customer > Specialist

To transfer a file from your Customer’s PC to yours, find the file on the remote PC using Windows Explorer.

Right-click the file you want to transfer.  In the context menu, choose Instant Housecall > Transfer file.

Specialist > Customer

To transfer a file from your computer to your Customer’s PC:


Windows Store app

  • Drag and drop:  From Windows Explorer, drag the file onto the Customer’s remote support window

  • Context menu:  From Windows Explorer, right click the file and choose Instant Housecall > Transfer file

  • Open the command bar: right-click on the bezel (black frame)

  • Choose File transfer

Note:  The Windows Store app can only transfer files from non-sandboxed user directories. You cannot use the file picker to navigate to C:\Windows, for example.

Once you choose files to transfer, a Save As dialog box will appear on your Customer’s computer.  Choose the target location.

Note:  From time to time, the Save As dialog box on the remote PC may appear beneath other windows on the target PC.  If you do not see the dialog, minimize windows one-by-one.

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