Start an unattended access session

Unattended access sessions are initiated by the Specialist.

You can access your customer’s PC any time and as often as you wish with unattended remote access.  

To access your customer’s computer, your Customer must first give you one-time permission., then you can choose a computer from your unattended access list.  

To see a list of PCs that have granted you unattended access permission:


Windows Store

  • Right-click the system tray icon

  • Choose “Unattended access”

  • Choose a computer and click Start Unattended Access

  • Your unattended access list appears on the Hub Screen of the app

  • Choose a computer

  • Click Start Session from the command bar

Getting unattended access permission

Ask your customer to launch the support app.  Your customer can give you permission in one of two ways:

  1. Before a session:  On the Start Session screen, ask your customer to click the “Allow unattended access” checkbox

  2. During a session:  Specialist can “Request unattended access” from the Specialist Sign-in via the drop down menus (Win32) or the command bar (Windows Store app)

As long as you have permission, you can access your customer’s unattended PC as often as you wish, any time.

Permission does not expire unless your Customer revokes it, or the Specialist explicitly deletes it.

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