Starting an on-demand session

On-demand sessions are temporary and initiated by your customer.

Once your Customer launches the support app, they can start an on-demand session by clicking “Start Session”.  

The Specialist’s PC will show an incoming call.  You can accept or decline your customer’s remote support request.

During an on-demand session, you can reboot your customer’s PC as often as you wish and it will automatically reconnect.  Once an on-demand session is closed, you can’t re-access your customer’s computer again without permission.

Choosing a different Specialist:

If the Specialist shown to your Customer is not the person to whom they wish to connect, your Customer can choose a different Specialist by clicking on the Specialist’s name in the drop down menu on the Start Session screen.  If you have more than one Specialist, all of their names will appear here.

Alternatively, your Customer can click the Options tab.  Type the e-mail address of a different Specialist, then click Choose.  See also Auto-Route Customer to Specific Technician

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