4 Types of Remote Support

Instant Housecall lets you perform four different types of remote support:  on-demand, unattended, time-window, and remote hardware repair.

On-Demand Remote Support

Typically used for break/fix.

Use on-demand remote support when your customer needs help right away.  On-demand sessions are temporary connections to your customer’s computer, initiated by the customer.

When your customer runs the support app, they’ll see a Start Session screen.

You’ll receive an incoming call, and once you accept that call, you can view and control their computer.

After you finish an on-demand session, you can’t access your customer’s computer until they click start session again.

Unattended Remote Access

Typically used for managed services (MSP).

Use unattended remote access when you want to access an unattended server or workstation.  Unattended access lets you control your Customer’s PC on your schedule, as often as you wish.

You’ll need one-time permission from your customer to use unattended access.

Ask your customer to run the support app.  Your customer can then give you permission in one of two ways:

  1. Before a session:  On the Start Session screen, ask your customer to click the “Allow unattended access” checkbox

  2. During a session:  Specialists can “Request unattended access” from the Specialist Sign-in via the drop down menus (Win32) or the command bar (Windows Store app)

Unattended computers appear in a list in the Specialist Sign-in.  

Time Window

You need to be signed-out to use this feature.

Use time window when your customer needs help, but you’re not available to help them immediately.

When you are signed out and your Customer clicks Start Session, they’ll be asked if they want to wait for you to sign in.

Your Customer can open a 12 hour time window (720 minutes), during which you can connect, and the computer can be left unattended.  Time window connections, like on-demand, are temporary sessions, and allow you to connect to Customer computers when you can’t schedule an appointment to be there immediately.

Remote hardware repair (“On-Sight”)

You can help troubleshoot remote hardware issues using the On-Sight app.  On-Sight is perfect when your customer is having internet connectivity issues.

Ask your customer to download On-Sight from the app store, or from your support portal.  Once they connect to you, they can point their phone’s camera and you can see what they see.

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