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Version 6.2 Change Highlights

Version 6.2 brings improvements to the UI, add usability and feature set.  It includes upgrades in preparation for Windows 10 to the modern Specialist and desktop Customer and Specialist software.  It also includes On-Sight, our latest Android app for your customers that lets them point their phone's camera so you can see what they see to solve hardware problems remotely.

Version 6.2 is both forward and backward compatible with previous versions of Instant Housecall.  You can use Specialist 6.2 (modern and desktop) with older versions of the Customer software, and older versions of the Customer software with Specialist 6.2.

How to upgrade Customer software:

  • Option 1:  Remote upgrade.  When you connect via an on-demand (attended) session, you will be prompted to upgrade your customer's software.  Click Yes and the process will complete automatically.  This option is not available on Windows XP.
  • Option 2:  Over-install.  Direct your customer to your website or support portal.  When they download the newest version, the old version will be automatically uninstalled and replaced with 6.0

How to upgrade Specialist software:

  • Download the Specialist Sign-in from

Is there a cost for this upgrade?

  • This upgrade is free for all subscribers on monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans.  
  • Lifetime licencees are eligible to receive this upgrade free if either of the following applies:  (a) currently on maintenance and support plan (b) you purchased within 1 year of the version 6.2 release date.  Additional support and upgrades for lifetime licencees can be purchased for 20% of your licence cost per year after the first year.  E-mail

There are four components to this upgrade.  

  • Desktop Specialist (Win32)
  • Customer (Win32)
  • Modern Specialist (Windows 8.1 and higher)
  • On-Sight Hardware Repair (Android phones and tablets)
  • (Win8.1) Modern
  • Ctrl-Alt-Del keyboard shortcut added.  Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete to send to remote.  Toggle added to Settings charm to enable.
  • Windows key combos added.  Ctrl-Shift(+Key) sends Win(+Key) to remote.  Toggle added to Settings charm to enable.
  • Search unattended access.  Search box added to Home Screen.  Search by Company, name, phone, or e-mail.
  • Color coded unattended access.  Tiles can now be color coded.  Set the color from bottom app bar on home screen
  • Preparations for Windows 10
  • Your modern app will automatically be updated to 6.2 by Windows.  Alternatively you can go to the Windows Store app and choose Settings to force an immediate upgrade
  • (Win32) Desktop
  • Reboot and reconnect.  Changed behavior so that reboot and reconnect is always "on" by default.  No longer acts as a toggle, and spontaneous reboots (either via Start menu or blue screen) will auto-reconnect.  Choosing reboot from Specialist drop-down menus will now immediately reboot Customer PC.
  • Safe mode reboot.  Fixes for BCD editing for OS with languages set to use non-English characters.
  • Blank proxy fix.  When "use-proxy" is checked in Internet Explorer, but the proxy field is left blank, Instant Housecall will auto-correct and use direct connection (previously showed "Unique Check Failed" error message)
  • Unattended access.  Fixed "show online only" bug that eliminated everything but name from chooser
  • Unattended access UI.  Improved the UI and made window bigger
  • Unattended color coding.  Now you can "color code" your unattended access list to make it easier to find computers.  Sorting can also be done by color by clicking the heading.
  • Scripted unattended install.  Allows automated scripting of unattended access installations.  For use with RMMs or computers on your bench.  Interested in testing this feature during the beta?  E-mail
  • Customer Profile and Notes.  Fixed bug that caused it to intermittently appear beneath the session window
  • Cancel end of session dialog.  Fixed bug that caused session to end when [x] pressed instead of cancel
  • Significantly faster launch times for d7 Auto PC Repair (customer & specialist upgrade required)
  • (Android) On-Sight Hardware Repair
  • New Android app for remote hardware repair released
  • Most customers can download using their Android phone directly from your support portal.  We have received reports that the redirect to Google Play does not occur on some devices.  If you are able to replicate, e-mail
Known issues
  • screen may not update on multi-monitor systems if primary monitor is positioned to the right of secondary monitor.  Workaround:  disable multi-monitor or go to "screen resolution" and re-arrange monitors so primary is to the left of secondary.
  • remote upgrade of Customer software does not always automatically reconnect to Specialist.  If Customer is in unattended mode, polling will resume and you can access the Customer PC via unattended access.  If Customer is on-demand only, your customer may need to click "Start Session" after upgrade on some PCs.

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