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Scripted unattended install

[This feature is available in the Professional Edition and currently in Beta]

You can install unattended access on your Customer's PC from the command line or with your RMM or a batch file using msiexec.  

msiexec uses space as a delimiter.  Use of quotes is mandatory for arguments like customer or company name that include spaces.

Command line arguments for scripted unattended installs
  • UNATTENDED=1.  Required
  • SPECIALISTID="string".  Required.  Comma separated list of Specialists to whom unattended should be granted. Minimum 1
  • SPECIALISTPASSWORD="string".  Required. Plain-text password of the first Specialist in the SPECIALISTID list
  • CUSTOMER_NAME="string".  Name of Customer detail record to identify this PC.  If null, uses Machine Name
  • CUSTOMER_COMPANY="string". Company name in Customer detail record
  • CUSTOMER_PHONE="string". Phone number in Customer detail record
  • CUSTOMER_EMAIL="string". E-mail address in Customer detail record
  • FORCE=1. Not recommended.  If your customer's computer already has an Instant Housecall unique identifier, remove and regenerate a new ID.  Disassociates all session history.  Where Instant Housecall is already installed, it is recommended to activate unattended access via the UI.

Full command line example:
msiexec /i "mycompany-setup.msi" UNATTENDED=1 SPECIALISTID="" SPECIALISTPASSWORD="clearTextPass" CUSTOMER_NAME="John A. MacDonald" CUSTOMER_COMPANY="Prime One Inc." CUSTOMER_PHONE="613-428-7777"

Note:  In place of the MSI filename, you can use your custom download link.  You can get your customer download link in the following ways:

Modern app (Windows 8/10):

  • On Home Screen, right click
  • From top app bar, choose "via HTML"

Desktop app (Windows XP-8):

  • Right click system tray icon (red cross)
  • Choose Online Help
  • Click Next
  • Choose "Copy link"

The download link will be copied to your clipboard.

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