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Version 6.0 change highlights

Version 6.0 brings improvements in speed, appearance, branding and UI.  It includes hundreds of improvements under the hood for the upcoming Windows 8 app, expected to be publicly available in January 2014.

Instant Housecall 6.0 is backwards compatible with previous versions of Instant Housecall.  

You are not required to upgrade your Customer or Specialist software, but it is recommended.

How to upgrade Customer software:
  • Option 1:  Remote upgrade.  When you connect via an on-demand (attended) session, you will be prompted to upgrade your customer's software.  Click Yes and the process will complete automatically.  This option is not available on Windows XP.
  • Option 2:  Over-install.  Direct your customer to your website or support portal.  When they download the newest version, the old version will be automatically uninstalled and replaced with 6.0
How to upgrade Specialist software:
  • Download the Specialist Sign-in from
Is there a cost for this upgrade?
  • This upgrade is free for all subscribers on monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans.  
  • Lifetime licencees are eligible to receive this upgrade free if either of the following applies:  (a) currently on maintenance and support plan (b) you purchased within 1 year of the version 6.0 release date.  Additional support and upgrades for lifetime licencees can be purchased for 20% of your licence cost per year after the first year.  E-mail
Bugs fixed:
  • WinXP 32-bit without autologin set shows Start Session dialog after reboot and reconnect
  • Installing a old version over a newer version does not properly uninstall newer version
  • Win8.1 with dual-head video card and three or more monitors causes crash
  • User interface branding.  Change the look of the Start Session screen by adding your own custom lower-third graphic.  Visit administrator control panel to upload your graphic.  Available in Professional Edition.
  • Desktop icon branding.  Change the icon and icon text that appears on your customer's desktop.  Visit administrator control panel to configure. Available in Professional Edition
  • Crystal clear remote view.  Remote screen now appears in full color without artifacts at faster speeds than ever before.
  • Several Macintosh Customer improvements, including a new DMG installer
  • faster installer, no longer creates a restore point 
  • speed improvements
  • UI, customer and specialist graphics and appearance
  • preparations for Windows 8 app
  • lots of stuff under the hood
  • new version of Remote d7 to be deployed shortly
  • modernized support portal
Known issues
  • screen may not update on multi-monitor systems if primary monitor is positioned to the right of secondary monitor.  Workaround:  disable multi-monitor or go to "screen resolution" and re-arrange monitors so primary is to the left of secondary.

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