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Customer Download Options: MSI vs. EXE

Instant Housecall offers two download options for your customers:

MSI: Also called the “standard” installer
EXE: Also called the “safe applet”

The MSI is the default installer, and it gives you access to all of Instant Housecall's features.  There are several advantages to using the MSI, but in cases where you can't because your customer's system settings or a virus prevent you from using the MSI, we offer the EXE as a fallback.

Standard MSI
  • By default, includes all features including UAC elevation, file transfer, reboot and reconnect and more
  • Allows “install once as admin, run unlimited as standard user”.  If you have administrator privileges, but don't want your customers to know the admin password, you can install it on your user’s machine (via group policy, physical presence or some other way), and then your customer can request remote support later without needing to know the administrator password. This is a great feature in corporate locked down environments
Your customers can download the Standard MSI by clicking "Download now" in your support portal or from your standard direct download link on your website.

Safe applet EXE
  • Minimal, customizable install that lets you fine-tune your choices
  • Installs on any machine, even if that PC is in Windows safe mode, has a virus, or doesn't have administrator privileges

When your customer runs the Safe Applet, they'll be asked whether they want to “Install the Instant Housecall service”. If your customer doesn’t have administrator privileges, answer “N” to this question.

The service is a Windows service that gives you access to advanced features like reboot and reconnect. You should install it whenever you can, but when you can’t, you’ll still be able to view and control your customer’s PC using the safe applet.

Your customers can download the Safe Applet EXE by clicking "Download Safe Applet" link in your support portal.  If you are using a direct download link on your website, you can set it to use the Safe EXE by appending "&mode=safeexe" to the link URL.

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