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Instant Housecall Analytics is a feature that helps you gain insights into your revenue, customers, and where specialists are spending the most time.

You can also create reports to share with your Customers or your Specialists.

Using Analytics is straight forward: choose the parameters you want to search by, then look at the output below.

Login to Analytics here:

Reports can be exported to other systems as a CSV or Excel, or in human readable form that you can share with Customers and Specialists in a PDF. Reports can also be printed by clicking the Print button.

If you want to display more rows, simply choose the number of rows to display from the top-right of the table.

Why are my Customer and Company names blank?
For the Customer of Company fields to be populated, either you or your Customers need to enter that data.

To have your customers enter the data, change your "Ask customer for contact info?" setting to either "New customer" or "Always". You can find this setting in the administrator control panel.

If you prefer to have your Specialists enter that data, they can do so during a session from the Specialist Sign-in: File > Customer Profile and Notes > Customer (tab).

How do I populate the revenue field?
During a session, choose "Accept Payment". The value you type there will appear in your reports.

What are "Public" and "Private" notes?
We are in the process of renaming some of the fields in Instant Housecall. 
  • "Session Notes" have been renamed to "Public Notes"
  • "Customer Notes" have been renamed to "Private Notes" 
Both of these are configured during a session in File > Customer Profile and Notes. These will be renamed in the Specialist Sign-in when the new UI is released.

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