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Version 6.5 Change highlights

Version 6.5 brings improvements and rebranding to the UI for Win32 and Mac, plus new features to the Win32 app. Mac Catalina 64-bit support has been added. New servers have been deployed to the America-West region.

Version 6.5 also introduces several updates to Auto PC Repair. Auto PC Repair has been updated with new applicatoins, configs, and functionality.

Version 6.5 is both forward and backward compatible. You can use Specialist 6.5 with older versions of the Customer software, and older versions of the Customer software with Specialist 6.5.

While updating to 6.5 is not required, it is recommended for both Customer and Specialist.

How to upgrade Customer software:

  • Option 1:  Remote upgrade.  When you connect via an on-demand (attended) session, you will be prompted to upgrade your customer's software.  
  • Option 2:  Over-install.  Direct your customer to your website or support portal.  When they download the newest version, the old version will be automatically uninstalled and replaced with 6.5.

How to upgrade Specialist software:
(Win32) Download the Specialist Sign-in from

How to change your server region:
Go the the administraor control panel and choose a new region, toward the top of the page.

A note about server regions:
Some US users have reported faster speeds with the server farther from their physical location (that is, some people on the east coast report faster service from the west coast servers and vice versa). The exact reason for this is unknown, but we believe that it's related to how some ISPs peer with AWS servers.

Is there a cost for this upgrade?
  • This upgrade is free for all subscribers.
There are three components to this upgrade plus back-end server improvements.  
  • Desktop Specialist (Win32)
  • Customer (Win32)
  • OS X Customer (please see known issues below)
(Win32) Desktop - customer and specialist
  • UI updates, new branding
  • Multi-factor authentication. On the Specialist side, right click the system tray icon, then choose Security > Mult-factor authentication. 
  • Bug fix: Black screen when connecting to some PCs
  • Bug fix: Cbhange Password confirmation appears beneath Change Password window
  • Faster file transfers
  • Search unattended access list
  • Automatically accept reconnects
  • New support portal
(OS X) Macintosh
  • Update to 64-bit Catalina
  • 32-bit support has been deprecated and is no longer supported
  • Several UI changes and new branding updates
Known issues
  • None.

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